HGTV Flag Tablecloths Outrage Americans, Network Apologizes

There is growing outrage after HGTV ran a segment on their website regarding fourth of July decorations and suggested that the American flag be used as a tablecloth.

The HGTV website featured a segment titled "Classic Fourth of July Table Setting Ideas." The photographs show bowls of fruit and a jar of lemonade sitting atop Old Glory. The site described the flag an "unconventional table" linen.

"Drape a large American flag over the table as a bright and festive table runner," the website stated. "Use a nylon flag so spills can be easily wiped off and the flag can later be hung with pride on a flag pole."

However, many viewers have blasted the network for endorsing such a disrespectful act.

"Using an American flag as a table cloth dishonors all Americans who love Old Glory – especially those who gave their lives defending it," one viewer wrote. "No one dies for a table cloth."

In light of the backlash, the network issued an apology to express their deep regrets over using the flag as a decoration piece.

"This was a regrettable use of our flag and it never should have happened," HGTV said in a statement late Wednesday. "We sincerely apologize."

"We removed the post from our website. We want to assure our fans that HGTV is proud of the American flag and everything it symbolizes for our people," the statement added.

Joe March, a spokesman for the American Legion, told Fox News that using the American flag as a table cloth is a violation of the U.S. Flag Code.

"The flag of the United States is designed to be flown and respected as the symbol of our country," March told Fox News.

"That very same flag is used to cover the caskets of our soldiers, sailors and Marines who have been killed in battle. You would not obviously want to take that and use that as a tablecloth," he added.