Hidden Camera Captures the Kindness of Strangers in 'Homeless Child Experiment' - See the Shocking Results (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: fouseyTUBE/YouTube)

After watching the viral video of strangers helping a cold boy without a jacket in Norway, Yousef Saleh Erakat wanted to capture the kindness of strangers here in America. So, the Los Angeles-based YouTube personality ran an experiment.

He set up a boy named Nathan to act homeless in different areas of the city with a cardboard sign reading I just want enough to get my sister a meal =).

However, stranger after stranger passed Nathan without pause, and their full afternoon of work netted a total of $2.10. At one point, a woman takes issue with Erakat's experiment and they debate its merits.

Erakat described this thoughts on the experiment:

The issue is not about him "not looking homeless enough" or "people thinking he's a scam." It's about how they don't even try to look and turn a blind eye so they can go about their days. ... We have the opportunity to help out and take it for granted while kids in other countries are dying and have no helping hand. Where is the love?

When the day looked to end on a depressing note, a crisis unfolds when a man crumples before the camera, distraught over the police taking away his dog. It's Erakat's turn to make a difference.