Hidden Camera Catches Norwegians Reacting to Boy in the Cold Without a Jacket (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: SOSbarnebyerNorge/YouTube)

Some do-gooders in Norway set up a hidden camera and had a boy actor sit at a bus stop without a jacket, shivering. They wanted to see how everyday citizens would react to seeing this child in need. As we see in the video, a number of bystanders felt compelled to help, giving the boys their gloves, scarves and coats, even if it meant sitting exposed to the cold themselves.

While the video is already a feel-good display of Norwegian generosity, it's actually meant to help the displaced children of Syria, who have lost everything just to survive the civil war that rages on there. The campaign asks viewers to help buy jackets for Syrian children who are freezing to death in refugee camps.

Reddit users alsoilikebeer, konsollfreak and Flaggermusmannen translated the video's text and audio. (I edited for punctuation and clarity.)

Title: "Would you give your jacket to Johannes?"

1st text: What do you do if you see a freezing/cold child?

2nd text: We put up a hidden camera and placed Johannes on a bus stop.

Blond girl: "Don't you have a jacket?"

Boy: "No, someone stole it."

Blond girl: "Where?"

Boy: "Down over there. I'm on a field trip with my class, and the teacher told me to meet her here."


Woman: "Do you have a phone number for your teacher?"

Boy: "No."

Woman: "If so we could have called her."

Boy: "Yeah."


Young man: "Are you okay?"

Boy: "No, I'm very cold."

Young man: "Are you cold?"

Boy: (nods)


Woman: "Do you want my scarf? Will it help?"

Boy: "Yes."

Woman: "Here you go; it's good and warm."

(cut) Different people give him clothes. He says thank you very much. (cut)

Blond girl: "What school do you go to?"

Boy: "Ramberg."

Blond Girl: "Ramberg?"

Boy: "I'm from Moss." [about 65km/40mi from where this bus stop is.]

Final text: Children in Syria are cold. Send SOS to 2160 (90 kr [~$15]) and give a warm jacket.