High School Gunman Kills Teacher and Cop in Moscow, Takes 20 Hostages: 'I Came to Die' (VIDEO)

Gunman's Father Negotiates Hostages' Release and Son's Surrender

A high school gunman in Moscow killed his teacher, a police officer and took a class of 20 other students hostage Monday before was talked down by his own father and detained. The two guns he used were registered to his father, and the student was said to be motivated to harm others because of an incident with his geography teacher.

The high school gunman, 16-year-old Sergey Gordeyev, charged into School No. 263 around noon local time with two guns that are registered to his father, who is believed to be in law enforcement. Gordeyev made it past the security guard, who set off an alarm. Soon after, the teen began shooting.

"On his way to the class the shooter injured one of the teachers who died later," the Investigative Committee, Russia's federal intelligence agency, reported. "The police officers arrived to the school. When they entered the building the shooter opened a gun fire, injured one and killed another."

The teacher that was killed was Andrei Nikolayevich, who gave Gordeyev a bad mark in geography, which barred him from leaving the school with a special "gold medal" distinction.

"We were glad to see him at first - but then he shot the geography teacher," fellow student Ivan Chekanov, 16, told Reuters. "He fired the shot, then he got up onto the podium, laid out his rifles and said he had 100 bullets and that he had come to die."

Police officer Sergei Bushuev was also slain and another was injured when the young man fired 11 bullets at authorities outside the school building. Gordeyev then took 19 10th grade students hostage in a classroom, and the teens attempted to contact parents to warn them of the danger.

"A machine gun. We are at school. He is shooting," one text obtained by Daily Mail read.

"Mama … save me! Its not a joke. Mama its awful. He's gone mad. We are hostages on floor 1, room 2," another read.

Authorities phoned Gordeyev's father, who spoke to him for 15 minutes on the phone attempting to get him to release the hostages. It took the father donning a bullet-proof vest and going into the classroom to get his son to finally stand down.

Police detained the teen soon afterwards. Gordeyev was a straight-A student at the school.