Hilaria Baldwin Pregnancy Update: Baby Girl 'Beautiful and Healthy'

Hilaria Baldwin has kept the public up to date on her pregnancy with Alec Baldwin and reported that the baby is "beautiful and healthy." The couple is expecting a baby girl later this year.

"Just hit the half-way mark! Saw baby… she is beautiful and healthy!" Hilaria tweeted yesterday. It's clear that she and husband Alec are very excited to welcome their little girl into the world.

The Baldwins married just last June at St. Patrick's Old Cathedral in New York. Hilaria, nee Thomas, immediately took her husband's last name and was welcomed into the family, including Alec's daughter, Ireland, with former wife Kim Basinger.

"I have decided that our daughter shall know paparazzi as 'silly monkeys' since they run around frantically like baboons," Hilaria tweeted on Wednesday. Ever since being coupled with Alec, the two have not been able to avoid the spotlight. Of course, the Baldwin clan by itself never manages to stay out of the spotlight for long.

Alec recently turned 55, and Hilaria is 29 and offering advice to fellow first-time moms. She recently gave an interview to Pregnancy Magazine about how yoga is helping her through the pregnancy and preparing her for labor.

"The [poses] that are beneficial are hip openers, especially because I want to deliver as naturally as possible. I did suffer a left hip fracture at 25; that was not a fun experience. I definitely notice in my pregnancy that my left hip is acting up a little so I'm focusing on opening up my hips. Then your lower back starts to hurt, especially as you're getting heavier," Baldwin explained.

"The purpose, for me, of doing yoga– because there are a million different ways you can exercise and stretch that are great for your body– but the key to yoga is that you're breathing and you're making conscious movements. The number one thing in taking care of yourself in pregnancy is having low stress. It's really about being more in touch with your body, and yoga teaches that to you," she added.