Hillary Clinton on 2016 Run: 'I Just Want to See What Else is Out There'

Hillary Clinton was chosen as one of Barbara Walters' "Ten Most Fascinating People of 2012" and spoke candidly about her decision to run for president in 2016. She also dismissed claims that her health was what was preventing her from running and said she is "not only healthy but [has] incredible stamina and energy."

During the interview, Walters bluntly asked whether Clinton was planning to run for the presidency in 2016. The Secretary of State is due to step down from the post in January but has not officially said what she intends to do next, other than rest.

"Being on planes … as much as I am, takes something out of anybody, doesn't matter how old you are or how often you've done it," Clinton explained. She is a frequent swimmer who also does yoga in order to keep her healthy in mind, body, and spirit. It's a direct contradiction of earlier reports that Clinton's health was beginning to fail and would prevent her from conceivably running in 2016.

Author Ed Klein made the comment that Clinton "was not looking good these days. She's looking very tired. If her health holds out- that's a big if, of course- if her health holds out, there's no question in my mind she and Bill … will run in 2016," he told Fox News Radio.

"I've been, as you know, at the highest level of American- and now international- activities for 20 years and I just thought it was time to take a step off. I wanted to take some time and just really collect myself," Clinton told Walters.

"I've said I really don't believe that's something I will do again," Clinton said when asked whether she would be preparing for a new campaign.

"Your husband wants you to," Walters responded.

"He wants me to do what I want to do … and some of what I want to do is just kick back," Clinton said.

Bill Clinton has frequently explained that whether Hillary chooses to run or not is up to her and that he will support her either way. She, however, is apparently interested in doing more philanthropic work or simply enjoying life with her family.