Hillary Clinton Would be Better President Than Obama, Says Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama, GOP

Former vice president Dick Cheney hinted that Hillary Clinton might have been a better choice for president during an interview with Fox News on Sunday. When asked if the Secretary of State would perform better as president than President Obama, Cheney only suggested that Clinton might have been easier to work with.

“Perhaps she might have been easier for some of us who are critics of the President to work with,” Cheney said.

Cheney is making television interviews to promote his recent book “In My Time: A Person and Political Memoir,” and told host Chris Wallace that Clinton is “the more competent members” of Obama’s administration.

The former vice president added, “…It would be interesting to speculate about how she might perform were she to be President.”

Cheney would not go as far as supporting Clinton if she were to challenge Obama in 2012, but he is not discouraging that she run for president.

“I don’t want to be in a position where I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton,” Cheney said. “That might be the kiss of death for her. I certainly wouldn’t want to discourage a good primary contest on their side (in 2012). I think it would be good for the two-party system.”

Clinton has not made it apparent that she is interested in running for president after losing the 2008 Democratic nomination to Obama.

Cheney has never been shy about his feelings for Obama. He told Fox News that Obama “has been not very effective, frankly, especially in the economic arena.”

The former vice president commented on Obama’s upcoming speech on Thursday saying, “I don't think it will get the job done.”

“I disagree with him on a great many issues,” Cheney said. “I think he has not been very effective, frankly, especially in the economic arena.”

“In spite of a lot of bold talk, we haven’t seen the kind of action that’s required to get the economy moving again and restore growth and hope and prosperity.”