Hillsong Conference 2014 to Be in Madison Square Garden in NYC October 16-18

Hillsong just announced the 2014 Hillsong Conference in New York City will be on Oct. 16-18 at the Theater in Madison Square Garden.

This will be the second year the Hillsong Conference has traveled to the U.S. as this past October, the conference sold out Radio City Music Hall with over 6,600 attendees. To order tickets at a special early bird price, click here. This is only available until Dec. 31.

The conference will be called and themed, "NO OTHER NAME," and will feature Hillsong Senior Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston and music groups UNITED and Hillsong LIVE as well as guest speakers who have not been announced yet.

"Hillsong Conference exists to champion the cause of the local Church across the earth. It exists to water the divine potential within pastors and leaders and believers alike so that together they can each know and fulfill The Great Commission given by Christ in Matthew 28," Hillsong said through their press release.

The Hillsong Conference began in their home church in Sydney, Australia over 25 years ago. Every July the Conference now takes place in the Allphones Arena with more than 20,000 attendees. They have expanded to America so Western pastors and leaders can take part.

Hillsong's newest worship team, Young & Free, debuted earlier this fall and made the trip to this year's Hillsong Conference at Radio City Music Hall.

The band continued to play through November opening for bigger worship group Hillsong UNITED in the U.S. They also worshipped at the U.S. conference in Los Angeles on Oct. 18 and 19.

"Young & Free exists to give voice to this generation and to give our youth an identity. God is calling a generation who will rise up, and who will know deep and unending joy in Jesus Christ," said Laura Toggs, Hillsong's youth pastor.

"[The new team] created for teenagers, the whole church comes alive," said Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston. "I feel very strongly that we are called to release generations, to be more loyal to the future than we are to the past."