Hillsong Live to Release 22nd Live Album 'Glorious Ruins'

'We Can Look to the Cross Throughout Life,' Worship Leader Says

Hillsong Live will be releasing their 22nd live recorded album, Glorious Ruins on July 2, and for the first time it will be recorded in two locations.

The dual locations are London, England and Sydney, Australia. Having two locations was instrumental to the vision of the church's plan, to spread the message around the globe, according to The M Collective.

"Ruins can speak of crushing defeat or perhaps of something abandoned, but the good news today is that the ruins come to life," explains Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church Brian Houston in a press release. "Through Jesus Christ what we look at is ruins that become glorious."

Glorious Ruins features 12 new songs from the Hillsong team consisting of Joel Houston, Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding and Matt Crocker. Morgan and Chris Tomlin's song "Glorify Your Name" will also be featured.

"This declaration of the saving power of Christ reminds us that we can look to the cross throughout life, in times of success or failure He is there with us," shares worship leader Reuben Morgan said to The M Collective. "We've never been diverted from viewing worship as both personal and corporate, intimate and celebratory. We don't seek to make each project 'better' as such, because how can one form of worship be better than another? Instead each project is a continuation of the journey, and we are thankful to God that so many people take the journey with us."

Hillsong's previous release, Cornerstone, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Christian and Praise and Worship charts.

Glorious Ruins Track List:
1. Always Will
2. You Never Fail
3. Christ Is Enough
4. Where The Spirit of the Lord Is
5. Glorious Ruins
6. Closer
7. God Who Saves
8. To Be Like You
9. Man of Sorrows
10. We Glorify Your Name
11. You Crown The Year (Psalm 65:11)
12. Anchor