Hip-Hop Tour Aimed at Helping Bring Christ to Hip-Hop Community

A Christian rapper from Houston, Texas is planning a tour to help other rappers spread the gospel through hip-hop.

Rapper, Bobby "Tre9" Herring and Scott Free are planning an 11-city tour with the intention of strengthening the gospel in the hip-hop community, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The Hip Hop Hope Unity Conference and City Takers are embarking on a mission to unite, train, serve and equip Christian hip hop artists through daytime workshops. Meanwhile City Takers will minister people in the evenings.

The tour will begin this weekend in Nashville, Tenn., and will travel to Alaska, Detroit, Los Angeles, Portland, New York and many other cities.

"This is a tour that will multiply disciples into disciple makers, taking the focus back to the Great Commission," Tre9 said. "It is often difficult in the Christian hip hop music industry to promote your music and avoid losing sight of mission. We address this issue and give artists the tools necessary to build the Kingdom of God."

Scott Free, the founder of Freestyle Missions in Atlanta, said that their mission is more than just rapping.

"For us this more than rapping on the mic," Free said. "It stretches into feeding the homeless, looking after orphans, ministering at-risk youth, visiting those in prison, providing toys or school supplies to under-served families, being active in schools with positive assemblies, remodeling homes for the elderly and more."

According to his profile on reverbnation.com, Tre9 started the label, Much Luvv records in 1998. He released two solo albums between 1999 and 2001, titled "Thy Will Be Done" and "Marooned." He also helped write and perform on the release of Bushwick Bill's gospel album, "Testimony of Redemption." In addition, he became an ordained minister in 2008 and launched DaSouth.com, the largest Christian hip hop online community site.

DaSouth.com, along with HolyCulture.net, are working to push Tre9's vision for the Hip Hop Unity Conference. Donny "D-MAUB" Harper, one of the Christian rappers performing during the tour said he is 100 percent behind Scott and Tre9, according to the Houston Chronicle.

"I am 100 percent behind Scott and Tre9 who have been instrumental in directing me towards a more mission-minded mentality," Harper said. "As a result, I've seen God bring an increase in opportunities for me to serve and grow."

Scott Free said that he and Tre9 have been fortunate enough to establish non-profit organizations that keep them in full time ministry. He says they want to share that with their fellow brothers who have a calling of their own.

Tre9 says that his mission has always been to make Christian hip-hop music popular to change lives for Christ around the globe