Hockey Player Hits Referee With Stick After Losing Game (VIDEO)

A Lithuanian hockey player could be in serious trouble after throwing his stick in frustration and accidentally hitting a ref.

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(PHOTO:YouTubeClip)Hockey Player hits reff with stick.

During a 3-2 loss to Great Britain, the game was decided just before the final buzzer went off. Lithuania had possession of the puck and it appeared that the team had a good shot of shooting or at least wasting the clock. But after failed attempts to get the puck in Great Britain's net, a Lithuanian hockey player fell over and missed an interceptive pass, leaving the puck in the hands of his opponent.

With little time left on the clock Great Britain hurriedly took possession and made a pass. A second Great Britain player, without even making it to the middle of the ice, took a long shot and made a short-handed goal. One Lithuanian player became so upset over the goal that he decided to throw his hockey stick in frustration. Unfortunately, it was the referee who was there to intercept. The stick hit the ref before sliding across the ice.

The video of the player throwing his stick was taken from a division two under-18 tournament. While some defended the player by stating that his move at least appeared unintentional, others said it was deliberate at that he should be thrown off the team.

"Kid should be banned from ever playing hockey again. Lucky he didn't knock the ref out with a headshot," one person said on a CBS Sports blog. Another person accused the kid of "blatantly aiming" at the ref.

Earlier this week another player in the NHL made an aggressive move. In the Montreal Canadiens' 4-1 win over the Winnipeg Jets Thursday, Evander Kane lost his temper after being hit with a forearm in his face by defenseman Alexei Emelin. Kane started to take punches at Emelin's head but when the helmet got in the way, he took Emelin's helmet off and threw it at him. Luckily, Emelin ducked and was not harmed.