Hoftra Shooting Kills Student: I 'Heard A Girl Screaming,' Says Neighbor

A student at Hofstra University was fatally shot near the Long Island campus last night, according to reports Friday.

The shooting occurred after an armed and masked intruder entered the student's home, which she shared with six other women. While the suspect was also killed, police and witnesses reported no other fatalities or injuries.

Nassau County police arrived to the Long Island home around 2:30 a.m. Friday after receiving an emergency call about a break-in.

The armed intruder broke in wearing a ski mask while three women and one man were inside the house, Nassau County Deputy Inspector Kenneth Lack told ABC News New York.

Upon forcing his entry, the suspect then permitted one woman to leave the house, and she called 911.

Once police arrived, shots were fired. It is unclear who fired the deadly shots that killed both the student and the suspect.

Very little is known about the victim, but it is believed she was a member of a sorority, according to NBC 4 New York.

Deputy Lack said police do not believe that there was any relationship between the gunman and the victims.

"We just heard a girl screaming," recounted a neighbor, Victoria Dehel, to The New York Post. "She was screaming, 'No! No! No!' over and over again." Dehel also recalled hearing four or five gunshots after police arrived.

"It was like a movie, it was 100 percent like a horror movie, where is the protection" the neighbor continued. "They were very nice girls. It is so sad."

Authorities are expected to give an update on the shooting later Friday morning.

Lack said police have applied for a search warrant for the house, according to Fox News.

Hofstra University has not released any comments on the incident.