Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Tips to Help Find Great Gifts This Christmas

Reuters/Kevin CoombsPeople wearing Christmas hats look in a shop window on Fifth Avenue during a busy shopping day in Manhattan, New York City, U.S. December 17, 2016.

The holidays have arrived, and here are tips to help shoppers find the best gift they could give to family and friends.

There are so many options in choosing a gift. However, Buzzfeed has a list of gift items that are sure to come handy and useful to whoever will be on the receiving end.

One that's perfect for the cold weather is an electric blanket for the car, which can be found in Amazon for only $29.39. It comes in three colors and has good reviews, which makes it the perfect gift for those who easily feel cold especially when they're out on the road.

Another gift that can also come in handy while on a long road trip is a neck, back, and shoulder massager, sold in Amazon for $39.95.

Meanwhile, it might be time to upgrade a friend or family member's ironing by giving them a clothing steamer for only $21.99 on Amazon. Anyone who does their own laundry will surely appreciate this gift.

For those who want to help their friends get out of bed easily instead of them hitting the snooze button over and over until they've become late for work, Amazon has the perfect gift. A sunrise alarm clock for only $49.99 will wake up someone by lighting up as if the morning star is glaring down on them.

A gift that could change things in the house are smart plugs, sold on Amazon for $29.99 a piece. A smart plug allows users to turn on and off electronics in the house from anywhere with the use of a smartphone or tablet. This should come in handy for those who always forget to unplug their electronics before leaving the house.

Users can also create the illusion of having someone at home while they're away by playing with the lights.