Holly Madison Hospitalized With Kate Middleton Condition?

Former "Girls Next Door" reality star Holly Madison has stated that she is doing okay after suffering from similar ailments during pregnancy as Duchess Kate Middleton.

While Madison is most famously known as the former girlfriend to Hugh Heffner, she stated in 2008 that her intention to leave the playmate house where she was a main character on the reality series "The Girls Next Door." In a later interview, Madison stated that she would never date again.

In August, she announced that she was expecting a child with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella. In October, she announced that she is having a girl; her due date is anticipated sometime in March.

On Monday, Madison was hospitalized due to extreme morning sickness, but according to her in a recent interview with Entertainment Online, she is fine now, although she admitted that it was a scary experience.

"When it started happening really late [in my pregnancy] and I was really vomiting a lot during the day, it freaked me out," the 33-year-old told Entertainment Tonight Dec. 4. "I was told to go to the doctor and get an IV and everything. So, that was kind of scary to me just because it seemed like something so unusual, something that I hadn't read about. But everything's OK so far, so that's good."

The reality star added that she was warned not to do any heavy labor until the baby comes.

"I was threatened with bed rest," she said during the interview. "I haven't been given bed rest yet, but they're like, 'You better take it easy and don't lift anything over 5 lbs.'"

Kate Middleton was also admitted to the hospital earlier this week for a similar issue. Middleton has been suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute form of morning sickness. She is currently being treated at London's King Edward VII hospital.