'Hollywood Be Thy Name' Exposes Industry's Idols

A new book released Monday by New Zealand evangelist Ray Comfort at the International Christian Retailers Show in Atlanta is attempting to explain the spiritual problems in today's movie industry.

In the book, entitled Hollywood Be Thy Name, the author and host of the hit television program Way of the Master reveals the need for change inside of the entertainment industry and the many idols that are attached to it such as money and lust.

"If you are not familiar with Ray Comfort, his ministry, or his writing, you might be tempted to think that Hollywood Be Thy Name is just another diatribe against a sinful entertainment industry. You would be wrong," reviewed critic Tony Miano of Ten-Four Ministries. "Ray Comfort writes the way he talks to people – with the concern of a man who deeply cares about the spiritual condition of everyone he meets."

Through his book, Comfort wishes to address a few key issues.

The first is to give honor to God in all of man's creations, namely in producing entertainment such as film.

He also hopes to expose the "insider truth" about Hollywood's non-Christian spiritual beliefs which mimic atheists, evolutionists, and spiritualists. Through this, Comfort believes the industry can begin to repent and change its way of thinking, and people can be also aware of what they are putting into themselves as they watch movies.

Finally, the New Zealand-native urges Christians to stop their support for ungodly movies. He argues that religious people have a great potential to change their society that will last.

"Ray tells the truth," added Miano. "He doesn't attack anyone. He simply exposes the lies and the blasphemy of Hollywood with the truth of God's Word. There is not a shred of legalism in this important book. Instead, the book is a clarion call to people everywhere to revere and honor the name of God."

Comfort is largely known for his extremely up-front approach to evangelism. He can be seen preaching the gospel with his Way of the Master co-host, Kirk Cameron from 80s television show Growing Pains. Together, they attempt to show people how to evangelize.

The two were most recently in the media spotlight when they challenged two atheists to a live debate on ABC's Nightline in early May. Although notably well-intentioned, the two were criticized for the debate as many fellow Christians felt they were unprepared to duel their opposition.

On the web: 'Hollywood Be Thy Name' can be found at the website of Comfort's Living Waters Ministry at LivingWaters.com.