Holy Hip Hop Project Lets Fans Choose the Tunes

HolyHipHop.com, a site that brings together fellow Christian rappers and hip-hop artists, is asking for fans from the "streets" to vote for their favorite performers for their newest compilation CD.

Titled Holy Hip Hop, Vol. 5, Taking the Gospel to the Streets, the CD will be created through a series of online voting rounds by hip-hop fans. During each round, artists will voted forward until only a select few will be chosen for the final cut.

The effort is a way to bring the power of music choice to the people that are actually listening and not some music label or industry head.

"This is the first and only CD compilation series where every song is selected by the listening community," explained Holy Hip Hop promoters in a statement, "and to date thousands of MP3s have been streamed from hundreds of EPK Holy Hip Hop Polling tracks, since 2004, as a part of the global mission to place the power of music back in the hands of the people, the community."

For this year's rap mix, 75 "ministers of the gospel representing North/South/East/West" from around 27 states submitted their works. Each of them uploaded their own music onto the web via a web-polling system, Sonicbids, and listeners go onto the site to hear each artist.

Depending on whom they prefer, participants vote for a group of artists that they feel should move on.

Organizers are excited about the project, expressing that the previous Holy Hip Hop CDs that were also poll-based did well. Holy Hip Hop, Vol. 1 garnered a Grammy Awards nomination while Holy Hip Hop, Vol. 2 received a nod in the Stellar Awards, which honors Christian urban artists.

Round 1 of voting ended on Sunday, and winners to move on will be announced on Tuesday. Each person was able to choose 40 hip-hop performers during Round 1 voting.

People still interested in voting can now be a part of the second round, which will run June 12-17, ending at noon on Sunday. More details can be attained through HolyHipHop.com.

The final voting block, Round 3, will occur after a second cut starting on June 19 and ending June 24, also at noon.

The finished CD will be distributed via EMI Gospel on Oct. 2.

The final project will match the group's mission to "take the Gospel to the streets through the global proliferation of spiritually-enlightening Holy Hip Hop ministry, music & entertainment glorifying Christ."

On the web: HolyHipHop.com.