'Home Again' Spoilers, Trailer: Witherspoon Plays 40-Year-Old Mom Who Falls for Younger Man

Reese Witherspoon has headlined a number of rom-com hits before. And it seems like she is about to make another one with "Home Again."

Facebook/homeagainmovie/Reese Witherspoon stars in new rom-com film "Home Again."

The new trailer for "Home Again" features the 40-year-old lead Alice Kinney (Witherspoon), who is close to getting single again. Although she is not yet legally divorced, she decides to test the waters with a handsome and significantly younger man (Pico Alexander).

The soon-to-be-single Alice gets hit on by Alexander's character during her birthday celebration. While he tries to buy her a drink, the bartender asks for his I.D. because as mentioned, the man is young. Despite the gap in their age, the pair ends up spending the night together at Alice's home. When he wakes up, he finds his shirt washed and pressed.

To top it all off, the mother of two gets caught by her daughters. When the two young girls arrive from their Nana's, they come across Alexander, who surfaces from their mother's room.

"I don't know your ex but he must be some kind of maniac to have let you slip through his hands," Alice's young beau utters in one of the scenes from the film.

Just when things are going well, Alice's husband, who is portrayed by Michael Sheen, shows up out of nowhere, and attempts to resume his role as the family's head. Although he is well aware of how events have unfolded in his absence, he tries to woo his wife into giving their marriage a second chance.

Aside from the aforementioned stars, the upcoming film also features Witherspoon's "Sweet Home Alabama" co-star Candice Bergen, Lake Bell, Nat Wolff, Reid Scott, and Jon Rudnitsky.

"Home Again" is produced by the team behind "It's Complicated," "The Holiday," and "The Intern." Hallie Meyers-Shyer penned and directed the film.

"Home Again" is slated to hit the big screen sometime this September.