Home Run Derby Winners 2013: Cespedes Beats Out Former Champ and MLB League Leader

The 2013 Home Run Derby was filled with all the flair and fanfare that was expected, but the only thing not expected was the way the players performed, as there were a number of big surprises.

The two captains, David Wright, third basemen of the New York Mets representing the National League, and Robinson Cano, second basemen of the New York Yankees representing the American League were the worst contestants in the competition. Wright had five and Cano had four, and neither advanced out of the first round.

The NL team had a pretty good showing with fan favorite Bryce Harper, outfielder for the Washington Nationals launching eight while Colorado dark horse pick, Michael Cuddyer, outfielder, launched seven.

Pittsburgh Pirates third basemen and National league leader in home runs, Pedro Alvarez hit six home runs and failed to advance.

American League Derby veteran and two time winner, Prince Fielder, first basemen of the Detroit Tigers, disappointed many only hitting five, failing to advance.

Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles first basemen and the MLB home run leader hit eight in the first round, while Oakland Athletics outfielder and non-All-star, Yoenis Cespedes cranked 17 in an unbelievable show of power.

The second round saw two members from each side where the most cumulative home runs for the two rounds would decide the final contestants. Cespedes' only motivation was to hit six more to give the AL a win over the NL as far as who hit more out, otherwise he did not even have to hit.

Cuddyer ripped eight more while Davis only hit four more, with both ultimately falling short. Harper, however, would power his way through with eight, almost catching the Oakland outfielder.

The final round showcased the will and power of Cuban defect Cespedes against the brash and confident Harper. The two did not let anyone down, putting on quite a show before Cespedes bested Harper's eight home runs with a walk off win, hitting his ninth home run with five outs still to go.

In the post game interview, the champion spoke in Spanish about how it was truly an honor to be part of the competition, and was grateful his family was able to watch him at the field.

He is only the second right-handed batter to win the competition since 2005. Vladimir Guerrero won in 2007.

Tonight fans can gear up to see the mid-summer classic, the All-Star Game at Citi Field, home of the Mets, at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.