'Homeland' Season 7: Who Will Be Carrie's Next Quinn?

Facebook/HomelandOnShowtimeCarrie picks up the pieces in the next season of "Homeland."

Carrie (Claire Danes) lost another important person in her life in "Homeland." Will she get a new love interest after Quinn (Rupert Friend) in the upcoming installment?

Fans of the series are still reeling over Quinn's sudden death in last season's finale. He sacrificed his life to save Carrie and President Keane (Elizabeth Marvel).

In an interview with Deadline, Friend revealed that his character was supposed to die in that hospital in Berlin in season 5 after Quinn was tortured by the Jihadists. He said the showrunners changed their minds after the renewal announcement.

After Brody's (Damian Lewis) death, Quinn became Carrie's love interest in the series. Many were hoping that they would end up together, but it did not happen. According to Friend, the reason why it probably did not work out was because Quinn and Carrie changed. Even though he did not want to, Quinn blamed Carrie for what happened to him. In season 6, the last thing he wanted was to get involved with her, even if he did admit he loved her above all.

"I think because as the seasons developed, you start to see that Quinn's moral code is actually very different than Carrie's, as somebody who I believe has a lot of integrity and questions his actions and the effects those actions have on other people. I think that Carrie is less and less doing that and is charging forward blindly without necessarily taking accountability for the consequences of her actions, and I think that those two moral codes are fundamentally incompatible," Friend said.

Meanwhile, the new season will see Carrie pick up the pieces and return to the intelligence community. Spoilers reveal that she will leave Keane's camp to go back to the CIA. Previously, Carrie was appointed as the president's senior advisor. When it was revealed that Keane had Saul (Mandy Patinkin) captured, Carrie attempted to confront her. Keane, however, blocked her.

"Homeland" season 7 is expected to air sometime in 2018.