Homeless Family Receives a Makeover: New Wardrobe, Haircuts, and a Job Interview

(PHOTO: Youtube)Homeless girl gets new presents.

GiveBackFilms is at it again, and this week in their video, Homeless Family Makeover, they help a needy family get back on their feet with haircuts, a new wardrobe, a job interview, and some toys for their daughter.

"Getting the chance to spend the day with Reggie, Dawn, and Heavenly was one of the most rewarding experiences we've had yet. They were humble, grateful, and we hope that they are now better equipped to get back on their feet -- we wish them the best! They now have a job and a place to stay until they get their first paycheck," the description reads.

This YouTube channel posts new and inspiring videos every week in hopes that others will see them and be encouraged to give back to people in their community.

Watch the video below.