Honey Boo Boo Girl Scout Cookies: Star Offers Signed Boxes, GSUSA Shuts Her Down (PHOTO)

Honey Boo Boo could face backlash from the girls in the green berets for using her Facebook page to sell thousands of Girl Scout cookies.

The reality star announced on Facebook that she would be taking orders for Girl Scout cookies at $3.50 a box, plus shipping. But for added advantage, those who bought cookies from Alana Thompson were promised an autographed box and family picture.

The reality star, whose pages has 701,000 "Likes," later posted a photo to her page, revealing the large number of boxes that she had sold. The problem is that Alana is not even a Girl Scout and was only selling the boxes for a friend.

In addition, it appears that Girl Scout officials were not happy about Alana's sales techniques and have shut her down. Selling cookies online goes against the "whole purpose of selling the cookies," a representative for Girl Scouts USA said in a statement to TMZ. The representative added that the selling of cookies was supposed "to teach girls all sorts of things, including goal setting, people skills, etc."

Since Alana has already received, shipped, and accepted payments for the first round of orders, the organization has agreed to let those orders stand.

"All the boxes have now been signed & about 1/2 or more are ready for shipping, I ran out of shipping supplies so will send these off tomorrow & get more to get the rest sent out as well!" Alana's site administrator wrote on Facebook Feb. 21.

The initial ad promoting the cookie sale, however, has been taken down.

The rep added that a member of the organization "contacted her site's administrator" on Facebook to have the ad removed.