Honey Boo Boo's Mom Kicked Daughter Out After Teen Got Pregnant?

June Shannon Accused of Putting 15-Year-Old Teen Mother Up for Adoption

June Shannon has been accused of trying to arrange an adoption for her oldest daughter, Anna "Chickadee," after the girl became pregnant at 15. Shannon, of course, is the famous mother of Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson. Anna only moved back home in order to be on TLC's program.

When Anna became pregnant three years ago, Shannon immediately began asking relatives to take in the unmarried teenage mother. Nothing worked out, and Anna was dropped off at her grandmother's home so that June could "move into a trailer with a boyfriend," allegations made by the National Enquirer state.

Grandma Sandra was named Anna's custodian, and until recently, Anna and her baby stayed there and had very little contact with Shannon. Yet when TLC wanted to do a series around the family, Shannon had to work hard to get her daughter and granddaughter to move back home and appear on camera.

"Anna lived with Sandra until earlier this year, when June bribed her with $500 a month to move back in with the family and be on the TV show. They thought that Anna's illegitimate teenage pregnancy would make for good story lines for the show," a family friend told the magazine.

While Anna's relationship with daughter Kaitlyn's father, Caleb, fizzled, that did not stopped him from seeking custody of his daughter. He wanted to get Kaitlyn "out of that house and away from that family. Anna was in her grandmother's custody, but she was still desperate to get away from June officially. June was a lousy mother to Anna."

It's clear that little Alana is the darling in the family, having competed in numerous beauty pageants, which cost a great deal of money. Now that she has been made the star of national television, she's even more "valuable." Shannon has been enjoying her time in the spotlight as well as the money that comes with being on TV.

Fans may think they see a happy, unified family front when they watch "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," but Caleb has revealed that all is not as it seems.

"You can see it. Anna still resents June and stands apart from the rest of the family. When the cameras are turned off, Anna doesn't have much to do with any of them," he stated.