‘Hooters’ for Women Available in South Korea, New Restaurant Features Manly Waiters

Hooters-the popular restaurant featuring scantily clad women-has been copied, only this time, the South Korean restaurant Mies Container presents attractive, masculine men.

The trendy restaurant is construction themed, with waiters wearing hard hats to suit their swagger, factory parts decorating the space, and signs like “Wipe and tighten and oil!” lining the walls, giving it an authentic manly atmosphere. The metal rigging and chains embellish the feel.

Although the design is highly admired, winning a prestigious Red Dot Award this past October, the real selling point is the young male waiters Mies Container hires. The restaurant treads the thin line between smart hiring and discrimination, calling their focus intent on “hiring those with energy and masculinity,” according to CNN.

To that extent, the waiters have been a big hit with the ladies.

In the busy Gangnam district of Seoul, it is rare to see anyone waiting patiently for anything, yet numerous 20-something women line up to eat at Mies Container. The muscular macho servers have been the topic of quite some excitement, with female guests leaving napkin notes like, “Dear hot waiter, please marry me!”

The young women are not completely to blame, though. The charming waiters encourage the behavior, handing customers their hard hats to take pictures and the like. The management at Mies Container realizes that marketing to specific demographic-in this case, young women-can be extremely profitable because it targets one section “[comprises] an important consumer base.”

The design and service are all the rage at Mies Container, but as in any great restaurant, the food is popular as well, according to CNN. The well-priced food reportedly taste good and is filling. This is especially important in Seoul, where cost-of-living has steadily risen.

As proof of their success, Mies Container refuses to advertise, shunning even free social media or an inexpensive website. The comparisons to Hooters do not hurt, either.

“We agree to some extent about the comparison to Hooters. But we exhibit higher quality dishes, friendlier service and trendier design,” claimed the restaurant.