Hope Solo Victim of Domestic Abuse by Fiance?

Hope Solo and fiancé Jerramy Stevens were in court on what should have been their wedding day. Stevens was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence just one day before their planned nuptials, but has been cleared on all charges.

On Monday, Stevens was arrested after an incident with Solo led to a physical altercation. Stevens was charged with fourth-degree assault, and Solo was left with a cut on her elbow. When police arrived at what was a house party, Stevens "appeared to be hiding" between the bed and a wall in a bedroom.

When they saw blood on his shirt, they took him into custody. They did not have enough evidence, though, to hold him, and released him the next day. Authorities have warned him that if they find further evidence of assault, he could be subject to other charges.

"If officer find that an assault may have taken place, then we have to make an arrest on who we determine is the primary aggressor," Kirkland Police Lt. Mike Murray told the Associated Press.

Solo and Stevens have been together for two months and were allegedly arguing over whether to live in Washington or Florida when the altercation occurred, court documents state.

Solo is fresh off of an Olympic win and has been known for her, at times, outrageous behavior on the field. In 2007, she famously criticized her World Cup coach's decision and was dismissed from the team. She played in the 2008 summer Olympics and, after winning the gold, described going on NBC's "Today" show "drunk."

Her fiancé Stevens has had his own ordeals, including several run-ins with the law. He has been cited more than once for drunk and reckless driving as recently as 2007. In 2010, while playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Stevens was arrested for possession of marijuana. He was subsequently dismissed from the team.

There's no word yet on whether the two are still together or intend to follow through with exchanging vows. Solo was in court with Stevens on Tuesday but did not speak to reporters.