Hot Pockets Pulled From Shelves for Possibly Containing 'Diseased and Unsound Animals' and Consumers Are Not Amused

(Photo: Facebook/Hot Pockets)

Hot Pockets parent company Nestlé issued a recall of several types of Hot Pocket products Tuesday after it was revealed that some of the meat used in making the products could have come from "diseased and unsound animals," according to the USDA.

"Rancho Feeding Corporation issued a recall of its beef last week which affects many food companies. We have determined that only our HOT POCKETS® brand Philly Steak and Cheese in three different pack sizes and HOT POCKETS® brand Croissant Crust Philly Steak and Cheese, in the two pack box, have been affected by this recall. No other batches, sizes, including multi-packs, or varieties of HOT POCKETS® brand products are affected," noted to company in a post on the product's Facebook page.

"If you have purchased the affected batches of HOT POCKETS® brand Philly Steak and Cheese please do not consume it, but instead return it to the place of purchase for a full refund or contact our consumer services at 800-392-4057. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you," it ended.

Consumers of the products have been reacting swiftly to the announcement and many have already complained about getting sick.

"I have diarrhea and stomach aches, if this condition gets worse you guys will pay!" noted consumer Rob Rillo on the Hot Pockets Facebook page Wednesday.

"All your meat is garbage meat. Please stop acting like this recall is some unusual extraordinary circumstance. NO IT'S NOT JUST THE 'PHILLY CHEESESTEAK' PEOPLE," wrote Josh Aman.

"My son eats hot pockets almost every day at work. He had the cheesesteak and has been sick for a few days. What should he do? Obviously, he doesn't have the packages/boxes any longer. Please advise," noted concerned mother, Denice DeMichele.

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