'House of Cards' season 5: Claire Makes a Plea to the Public in Eerie New Teaser

Facebook/HouseofCardsNetflix will drop the latest episodes for "House of Cards" on May 30.

Claire (Robin Wright) delivers an eerie monologue in the latest teaser for "House of Cards" season 5.

Season 5 officially premieres later this month and Netflix is treating "House of Cards" fans with a new sneak peek. On Tuesday, the streaming giant released a clip of Frank's (Kevin Spacey) wife giving a message to all U.S. citizens, which also serves as the premiere's cold open.

"The president and I have a simple request: Tell us what you see," Claire said, referring to a terror attack. She added that if people notice anything odd in their environment, they are advised to pick up the phone and call the authorities. Whether it is a strange package or an individual who does not seem to act normally, everyone should report it immediately.

Huffington Post notes her request is somehow similar to the totalitarian government from the novel "1984," in which citizens are taught to report their neighbors' suspicious actions. Season 5 kicks off with Frank and Claire running as the country's president and vice president, respectively.

The show is fictional, but many have spotted similarities between its story and the real-life U.S. political climate. Some have compared Frank's leadership style to that of Donald Trump, while Claire's issue against the "noisy press" seems to echo the sentiments of the Trump administration.

In other news, it was previously rumored that season 5 could be the show's last. There is still no word from Netflix about the drama's fate, but Spacey said he will be on board should the series get picked up for another run.

"As long as we feel there is more runway for us to tell the story, more places that we can go and continue to have the fun we're having and as long as our audiences are having an equal amount of fun," the actor stated. "I'm still having the time of my life."

"House of Cards" season 5 premieres May 30, Tuesday, on Netflix.