Houston Fire Department Saves Construction Worker From Top-Floor Inferno - See the Last-Second Rescue (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Karen Jones/YouTube)

On Tuesday, the Houston Fire Department performed a rescue so dramatic, it's straight out of the movies.

After an under-construction apartment building caught fire, a construction worker is stranded on a top-floor balcony while the blaze rages behind him in this video from YouTube user Karen Jones. As he waits for the ladder truck to approach, the flames swarm into the apartment, and he's forced to dangle off the edge and drop down to the balcony below him.

After a few tense moments, the ladder is finally within reach, and the worker climbs onto it for safety. But just as the worker and the rescuing fireman pull clear of the building, a huge section of the flaming top floor breaks free and crashes down behind them. Hollywood would have been proud.

Thankfully, all workers were accounted for with no injuries were reported.

(NOTE: It's suggested you mute the volume if you're sensitive to hearing exclamations using God's name.)