'How I Met Your Mother' Spoilers Season 9: 'Claims Will Be Paid Off'

Fans of the hit CBS comedy "How I Met Your Mother" will get what they have been waiting for with the shows 200th episode. The episode, entitled "How Your Mother Met Me," airs on Jan. 27. Many cliffhangers will be answered in this highly anticipated episode. The shows creators and actors recently revealed some spoilers of what's to come in the 200th as well as other episodes.

Co-creator Craig Thomas told TV Guide that the 200th episode will deliver on what the show has set up for the mother character.

"Various claims we've made about the mother over the years - like her making breakfast and singing show tunes - will be paid off," Craig Thomas said.

Jason Segel, who plays Marshall on the show, told TV Guide what he hopes to see with the future of the show.

"I would like Marshall to be visited by the ghost of his father, because Marshall very firmly believes that is possible, as I've also always believed personally," the actor said

And, co-creater Carter Bays agrees with Segel's desire. In fact, Bays confirmed that what Segel described will happen.

"That is actually happening. In the second half of the season, Marshall will be meeting the ghost of his father, played again by Bill Fagerbakke," Bays told TV Guide.

Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin on "How I Met Your Mother," also revealed some spoilers about the upcoming season to TV Guide.

"They're building up to introducing Robin's mom soon. She missed her flight to Barney and Robin's wedding, so I'm interested to see if she gets there," the actress said.

Tune into CBS on Jan. 27 to see the 200th episode of "How I Met Your Mother."