How Jessica Simpson Lost Weight: 60 Pounds in 6 Months Routine (VIDEO)

Jessica Simpson recently debuted her new body while promoting her fashion line. But after revealing a 60-pound weight loss, she has some wondering just how she did it.

Simpson has described herself as just an "everyday woman" in the past. She admitted that didn't have plans to look like a supermodel after giving birth to daughter Maxwell about six months ago. But despite her modesty the star has managed to lose an impressive amount of weight in a short amount of time.

"My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel," she told People magazine in September. "I'm just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good and be healthy for her daughter, her fiancé and herself."

But just six months later, Simpson has revealed that she lost a total of 60 pounds. She gained a total of 70 pounds during pregnancy meaning that she has only 10 pounds to go before meeting her goal. Simpson unveiled the weight loss in Tampa, Florida while promoting her Jessica Simpson Collection. The 32-year-old was accompanied to the event by her sister, Ashley.

So just how did Simpson manage to lose the weight in such a short amount of time? According to her trainer, there has been a lot of dedication involved.

"In over 20 years, I've never seen as consistent of a weight loss. Jessica's right where she needs to be … She's gotten so much stronger," Harley Pasternak told Us.

Pasternak has Simpson on a five-phase workout routine, which she completes four times a week. It goes as follows:

Phase One: Cardio Warm-up for 5 minutes, Including running, jumping jacks, stationary bike, etc.
Phase Two: Upper Body Strength Training
Phase Three: Lower Body Strength Training
Phase Four: Core Training
Phase Five: The Cardio Cool Down for 5 minutes

Simpson also signed on to become a Weight Watchers spokeswoman after being offered a $3 million contract and she has allegedly followed the food plan strictly.