HTC One 2 Leaks Stir Up Anticipation for Smartphone, Says Company Pres.

Anticipation for the upcoming HTC One 2 is being stirred up by all the recent leaks, according to HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie.

He appeared on CNBC's Fast Money yesterday afternoon to discuss the HTC One's status as phone of the year for 2013 and the company's future plans.

The interviewer brought up the frequent number of leaks regarding the HTC One 2 and Mackenzie followed it up by stating that he would make no comment except for acknowledging the leaks as a clear indicator that people are really interested in the next-gen model.

Various HTC One 2014 pictures leaked over this past weekend revealing the appearance of the device, its wallpapers and cases.

@evleaks posted up images of covers for the smartphone that come in different colors and have tiny holes.. The cover will protect the entire body including the screen and will feature a light display that will show the time on the front.

The leaker also claims that the HTC One will have a Google Play Edition, however, there are no details on it at this time. leaked a gallery of high-quality images of the HTC One which shows what appears to be the version of the device headed for China. The pictures display the handset's two cameras, dual-tone flash and the sides.

Phone Arena leaked a gallery of 18 wallpapers that are expected to come pre-loaded on the HTC One.

The person that leaked the video of the HTC One 2014 last week is in hot water as the smartphone manufacturer is taking action against them.

A video featuring the yet to be released device was created and leaked by a 15-year-old whose father works for HTC. Once the video surfaced, HTC's Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon addressed the leaker known as Roshan Jamkatel via Twitter.