HTC One 2 Release Date Set for March, Will Closely Resemble HTC One

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Picture: Android AuthorityHTC M8

The HTC M8, which is also known as the HTC One 2, is now rumored to be released in March.

@evleaks took to Twitter earlier this week to announce the expected launch time for the handset.

"Starting to look like a late March, NYC launch for HTC M8," tweeted the leaker.

HTC could be holding the event in New York in order to secure good media coverage. @evleaks also revealed more information on the device in Tweets.

"So, yeah, the M8 looks strikingly similar like the M7. It's too bad they already named another phone One S," wrote @evleaks.

Various leaks have also revealed similar looking components to the HTC One so this news doesn't come as much of a surprise.

Older rumors point to the device launching in four different colors.

A pair of tweets from XDA TV producer Shen Ye revealed that the new device will be available in dark grey, light grey, red and blue when it is released later this year. The current HTC One model comes in all of these colors. However, the hues for the blue and red on the M8 are said to be significantly different from the ones found on its predecessor.

Other Recent HTC One 2 rumors point to the device featuring dual-rear lenses for its camera.

A recently leaked photo of a case said to be for the back of the device shows two large cut outs that could be used for a lens and something else. One of the holes might be for a fingerprint sensor, however, the company's lack of success with the component on the HTC One Max would make going with something like a dual-lens a better idea.

A new report from Bloomberg backs this notion by citing a person with direct knowledge of the HTC One successor. The publication claims that the new model will debut in March and will come with a twin-rear sensor camera. This will give the camera better focus and depth of field and image quality.