HTC One 2 Specs Analyzed in New Teaser, Metal Body Revealed

The HTC One 2 specs and design including the device's metal unibody were discussed in a new trailer released by the company earlier today.

The video highlights that the HTC One 2 body will be even more impressive than the one found on the original model. Not much else is revealed here aside from a censored picture of the new HTC One while the actors discuss it.

Another video leaked this week that is around 12 minutes long which features amateur footage of the actual device. Based on this longer clip, it can be surmised that the new HTC One will closely resemble the older model. It also confirms that HTC decided to move the buttons on screen and also move the light sensor to a different location.

In terms of software, there will be adjustments made to Blinkfeed and Sense, however, functionality will be mostly the same.

The camera app will feature some changes and Beats audio will be included in the same way as it was on the original HTC One. The 2014 version will feature a microSD slot, something that wasn't available on the previous model.

The second video is an illegal leak of the device that was not sanctioned by HTC. The company is obviously trying to protect the secrecy over the new One as its Communication's manager Jeff Gordon issued a stern warning over Twitter to the leaker. The concern adds much credibility to the video.

The HTC One 2 or "All New HTC One" will be unveiled at a special media event held by the manufacturer on March 25. There has not been a lot of details on the device confirmed by the company at this time. It will directly compete with the Galaxy S5 which was unveiled by Samsung last week.