HTC One M8 2nd Firmware Update Now Available

The second firmware update for the HTC One M8 is now available in select regions.

The software brings stability and performance improvements to the device and weighs in at 70MB. It can be downloaded OTA and is available in the Middle-East and Europe.

It will bring the device to software version 1.54.401.10 with many enhancements and bug fixes. Users who don't receive a notification for the update could check the Settings menu.

In terms of improvements, the radio, camera, video highlight feature and FM radio are all running more stable. The weather app barometer will also be updated.

The HTC One M8 is not the only device to receive the company's revamped software as the older model will also be brought up to speed, and already has in some areas as the Sense 6.0 software update is now available to customers in the U.S.

HTC product manager Leigh Momii took to Twitter last week to announce that the update is now rolling out to the Developer Edition and unlocked HTC One M7 models. Carrier branded versions should get it during the next few weeks as it has been confirmed that the software for them is in the final testing stages.

The update version is listed under 5.11.661.8 and it weighs in at 668 MB. There are a few small adjustments with it including the addition of a better theme/font support, Extreme Power mode and more. The camera app will also be updated to the latest version.

The new camera app is sleeker and easier to understand than the older version. It also offers new features such as Image Match that helps users find similar photos faster and supports for Point of Interest locations in map view.