HTC One M8 Update Will Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

A new HTC One M8 software update will make the device last much longer.

Sprint customers can now download this new firmware that will bring power saving mode to the handset starting today. The actual feature is called Extreme Power Saving Mode and it sustains the One M8 when the power is extremely low and allows it to make emergency calls.

It turns off smart functionality which gives users a basic homescreen with a phone dialer, text messaging, calculator, calendar and HTC email. This mode can yield 15 hours of use on just 5 percent battery.

An HTC One software update that will bring Sense 6 to the original model will roll out later this spring.

HTC confirmed this at the HTC One M8 unveiling event which took place earlier today. The new UI also known as "Sixth Sense" will make its official debut on the new version which is now available for purchase in Verizon retail locations and at AT&T's online store.

The original HTC One launched around one year ago and currently runs the latest version of Sense 5.

Sense 6 comes with an updated version of BlinkFeed that was demonstated at today's unveiling. Its new layout is more spacious, so users will be able to find specific posts more easily. They will also have the ability to create custom feeds based on any specific topic of their liking.

So for example, if someone wants their BlinkFeed to center around Justin Bieber, the system will filter all relevant posts to the user's front page.

The Software Developer Kit for the new Sense is expected to be made available very soon. Exact roll out times were not confirmed by HTC.

It will also have the ability to integrate better with apps such as Foursquare. The traveling app will be able to send lunch recommendations for local restaurants when the clock hits noon. TV-based social feeds could be accessed with a right swipe while watching as well as sports statistics.