HTC One Max Specs: Fingerprint Sensor Confirmed Again (PICTURE)

The HTC One Max specs are expected to include a fingerprint sensor on the back of the device.

A few new pictures that were leaked by the Chinese social network Weibo once again reveal this component on the back of handset. The user that posted the photos claims they were of a prototype model of the One Max.

They did not reveal any new info on the Note 3 competitor, however, they do a good job at showing the size of the One Max in comparison to the HTC One. The new pictures also match up to many of the other recent leaks.

Other specs rumored to be featured on the One Max include a 5.9-inch LCD display, a Snapdragon 800 camera, and 2GB RAM.

The release date for the device is expected to be sometime in the fall and it will launch through Sprint.

@evleaks tweeted out a few statements announcing the phablet's existence and Sprint release earlier this month.

The site confirmed that the HTC T6 that has been showing up in various leaks is actually the One Max.

"HTC One max confirmed as retail name of the T6," tweeted @evleaks. "HTC One max is Sprint-bound."

AndroidAuthority claims to have sources that confirm an Oct. release for the device.

HTC's Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho confirmed last month that the company is working on a variant of the flagship One without mentioning that is was the Max. He also stated that HTC will focus on less products this year in order to correct the confusion they caused in 2012 by releasing too many handsets in a short span of time.

Ho said that the company would launch "two to three mid-tier Desire-branded phones" by the end of 2013, as well as "a variant of the flagship One series in the fourth quarter." This variant will most likely be the HTC One Max.