HTC One Unlocked Price in US is $800

The HTC One unlocked price in the U.S. is set for $800.

Amazon's resellers are currently offering the unlocked version of the device for that price, according to a report from

HTC is also expected to introduce a Developer Edition on April 19 which will come with 64GB of internal memory, unlocked SIM, unlocked bootloader, and will cost $649.

The HTC One smartphone will be released in red.

The company plans to expand the current color palette to encompass a brighter range of hues. This red version fits perfectly within those plans.

Other colors are also expected to launch sometime in the near future. Two-tone designs might also be in the mix.

The HTC One will launch on AT&T and will cost $199.99 with a new 2-year contract, according to the company.

This will be the price for the 32GB model of the device, according to Engadget. The 64GB version will end up costing a bit more and will take a little more time to be released.

T-Mobile will offer the HTC One for $99 down, with the rest of the price being paid off on a monthly plan. Sprint's model is expected to cost $199.99 with a new 2-year contract.

The 64GB HTC One will launch on AT&T as an exclusive when the smartphone finally is released.

This variant of the device was revealed by a recently uploaded video to the service provider's YouTube channel. The 32GB version will also be offered by the carrier, but will not be an exclusive.

Despite some major setbacks, reactions to HTC's One smartphone have been good as pre-orders for the device in the U.S. have exceeded the smartphone maker's expectations.

After some issues with components, HTC had to push back the device's release in order to meet customer demand. And even with those problems, the HTC One was still able to stir up a huge buzz throughout the U.S., according to the company.