Hudgens Photoshop Refusal: Vanessa Earns Praise for Unretouched Bongo Ads

(Photo: Reuters/Danny Moloshok)Actress Vanessa Hudgens arrives at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles June 6, 2010.

Vanessa Hudgens is being applauded for refusing to allow digital retouching on her advertisements for Bongo clothing.

Because Photostop is rampant across magazines around the world today, Hudgens hopes to inspire others by appearing exactly as-is in the Fall 2014 ad campaign for Bongo.

"This is my second season working with Bongo and it's been such a treat," the actress said in a statement for Bongo. "The clothes really make me feel carefree and confident, which is why I love that the final ad images are unretouched. It's so important for girls to remember that real beauty shines from within and I'm so proud that Bongo is choosing to send such a positive message with this campaign."

In the ads, the 25-year-old actress confidently poses in Bongo clothing without any digital alterations or filters. The ads also include the words: "100% ALL NATURAL unretouched & unfiltered. This is the real Vanessa Hudgens."

One photo features Hudgens in a dress paired with a floppy black hat, while another ad sees the starlet in a red leather coat paired with a blue and white print dress. A third photo features Hudgens in high-waisted jeans, a floral crop-top, and the same black floppy hat. All of the photos are garnering praise for the "Gimme Shelter" star, with fans commemorating her bravery on going au naturale.

"We admire her confidence to go without retouching for this campaign and can't wait for her fans to see how naturally beautiful she is," Chief Marketing officer Dari Marder at Bongo said, according to Women's Wear Daily.

"In the age of Instagram filters and Photoshop apps, it is more important than ever that Bongo remains committed to inspiring girls to feel comfortable in their own skin," Marder added. "We are excited to be partnering with Vanessa to send that message with this campaign."

Furthermore, online readers are heaping praise on Hudgens for the Bongo ads.

"Wow, how very brave," one reader on Daily Mail wrote. "She has my full admiration."

Another reader wrote, "She is stunning anyway. She doesn't need photoshop."