Hudson River Boating Accident Kills Bride, Best Man Missing (VIDEO)

A Hudson River boating accident has killed a bride to be, and the best man for the wedding has also been reported as missing from the tragic accident, which took place as a wedding party was going on.

(Wikimedia Commons/File)The Tappan Zee Bridge.

According to authorities the boat slammed into a barge, flinging passengers overboard and onto the floor of the boat.

Rockland County Sheriff's Chief William Barbera has said that rescuers found the body of bride to be Lindsay Stewart about 600 feet from the river bank. He also confirmed that they were still searching for the best man, Mark Lennon, who is still missing.

Both Stewart and Lennon are believed to have been thrown from the Stingray power boat, when it collided with a barge near the Tappan Zee Bridge.

As well as those two, there were four other members of the party who were badly injured in the incident, including the bridegroom, who reportedly suffered an injury to his eye.

Rockland County Undersheriff Robert Van Cura has said, "The river at night is very dark, and even knowing the barges are there, they are difficult to locate until you are very close."

Walter Kosik, Stewart's stepfather, told CNN, "That's a nightmare I don't wish on any parent; police coming over to your house waking you up out of your sleep to tell you an accident has occurred."

Carol Stewart, the bride's mother has been left devastated by the tragic news of her daughter's death. She admitted that she did not know of her daughter's plans to go on the boating trip, but has spoken about how tragic it is, as she was supposed to marry just two weeks from now.

Stewart said, "She's supposed to be married two weeks from today. It just can't end like this."

The boating accident is still be investigated by authorities, and they are set to announce their findings in the coming days. It has been reported by some news agencies that the driver of the boat was at fault and that he could face manslaughter charges after crashing the speed boat into a parked construction barge.