Hugh Hefner and Wife Dress Up as Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus For Halloween (PHOTO)

Hugh Hefner and his wife Crystal Harris celebrated Halloween dressed as Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus, respectively, this year.

The couple's MTV VMA's performance-inspired costumes made their debut at Hefner's annual Halloween bash at the Playboy mansion on Saturday.

"Robin Thicke & Miley Cyrus #VMAs," the 87-year-old magazine mogul posted to Twitter during the party along with a photo.

The couple's costume photo has since gone viral, but Hef and Harris were not the only Halloween enthusiasts to use Miley Cyrus as inspiration this year. Hundreds of partygoers dressed as Miley during her infamous MTV VMA's performance, including celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Joan Rivers.

Nevertheless, Hefner and Harris' take on Cyrus and Thicke definitely garnered the most attention on Monday, and even Hefner himself commented on the hoopla.

"I didn't know our #Halloween costumes were going to the top trending spot on love my #Miley #MileyandRobin2.0," the Playboy founder posted to Twitter.

With exactly 50 years between their ages, Hefner and Harris, 26, married on Dec. 31 last year following a tumultuous engagement.

Ahead of their lavish wedding, Harris had called off their plans to marry and even sold the reportedly $90,000 engagement ring.

Furthermore, the model bashed Hefner during an interview with Sirius XM Radio's "Howard Stern Show."

"Ahhh I was over it," she said. "I just, like, walked away. I'm not turned on by Hef. Sorry."

Nevertheless, in May 2012, Hefner and Harris reconciled with Hefner presenting his bride with another engagement ring resembling the first one.

"I've given Crystal Harris a ring. I love the girl," Hefner told

Regardless of their ups and downs, Harris imparted advice on dating older men while speaking to last year.

"Older men are usually set in their ways, so if you don't like them the way he is, than that's too bad, you're not going to change him," she said.

Contrary to her previous tip, Harris also suggested taking an older partner to new places to get them to try new things, "like sushi."