Hugh Jackman Rumors Bother Wife; Actor Denies He's Homosexual

Hugh Jackman has denied any and all rumors that he may be homosexual and stated that the constant buzz really annoys his wife of 16 years. "X-Men" producer Lauren Shuler Donner has also denied the rumors and defended Jackman.

"She was very beautiful. She was unbelievably fun – this energy, this spirit – irrepressible. And she had a confidence in herself. I had a massive crush on her instantly," Jackman told the Hollywood Reporter about meeting his wife Deborra-Lee Furness.

When stories questioning his sexuality appear in tabloids or online, Jackman says, "It really bugs her (Furness). She goes, 'It's big. It's everywhere!'"

"I have seen him with Deborra since the beginning of their trip to Hollywood, and I've been on five movie sets with him and have never seen him stray, have never seen him eye anyone," producer Donner told the Hollywood Reporter. "I met him when he did 'Oklahoma!'. He was genuine, hugely talented. He was in love with his wife that day and still is."

In 2008 Jackman addressed rumors about his sexuality, saying his wife often has to defend him against the rumors and questions.

"She said the most infuriating times would be in the bathroom because all she'd here is: 'Is he or isn't he gay?' 'I don't know, he's married.' 'Oh, who cares? I'm sure he's gay,'" Jackman told the magazine. "She used to call out from the stall, 'He's not gay. I'm telling you he's not.' And there would be silence until someone said, 'I think that's his wife.'"

Jackman often tries to make light of the situation. During a 2009 interview with Barbara Walters, he revealed one of his favorite answers to those who question his sexuality.

"Peter Allen has a great line. He goes, 'I know what you're thinking. You're just sitting there looking at me, and thinking now, is he or isn't he? Well, it's true. I am Australian.'"