Hugo Chavez Approves Construction of Israeli Villages in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has recently approved the construction of a number of Israeli-style moshav or cooperate villages, in the country, Israel Today has reported.

Despite having cut off diplomatic ties with Israel in favor of a strategic union with Iran, Venezuela will allow AlefBet Planners LTD to build the moshavs near Venezuela's Caribbean coast, about 95 miles from the capital of Caracas.

The villages will cost $400 million each and will consist of 500 living units, as well as educational facilities, a dairy farm complete with a milk production plant, grazing fields, and water and sewage treatment.

Moshav was designed as part of Zionist state-building program following the Yishuv ("settlement") in the British Mandate of Palestine during 20th Century. It is a type of cooperative agricultural community of individual farms, which gives an emphasis on community labor.

Kobi Bogin, general manager of AlefBet Planners, one of the largest and most experienced architectural firms in Israel, has said they will implement a know-how with regards to the building of the cooperate villages and kibbutzim.

"Difficulties encountered during the project have and will allow us to bridge the cultural differences that divide Venezuela and Israel."