Hulk Hogan Burns Hand: Photos of Drastic Burns Shocks Fans (PHOTOS)

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(Photo: Twitter/Hulk Hogan)Hulk Hogan has severely burned his hand after a radiator exploded at his home in Tampa, Florida on Sunday.

Hulk Hogan has severely burned his hand after a radiator exploded at his home in Tampa, Florida on Sunday.

Hogan revealed the extent of his burns by posting up a number of photos of his hand on social media site Twitter. The photos show his fingers and parts of his hand covered in huge burn blisters.

It is reported that Hogan attended the Tampa General Hospital emergency room following the incident to receive treatment.

The former wrestler's first Twitter photo showed off the extreme blisters with text stating: "Just had a radiator explode on my hand, OUCH."

However, that was not the end of Hogan's tweets, and he continued to post up numerous gory photos of his dramatic injury.

His second tweet stated, "Double OUCH."

A third tweeted photo followed the same line, with Hogan posting, "Triple OUCH," alongside another photo of his hand.

He later explained that he was seeking medical treatment: "At the ER now at Tampa General Hospital."

An hour later he started tweeting from the operating room, where he took snaps of a surgeon cutting away some of the blistered and burned tissue on his hand.

Hogan later showed off the result, tweeting: "Skinned like a cat."

Hogan enjoyed huge popularity in the 1980s and 90s as the all-American character Hulk Hogan in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE), and as Hollywood Hogan, the villainous nWo leader, in World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Hogan is a 13-time world champion being a six-time WWF/E Champion, six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.

He is the second longest combined reigning WWF Champion of all time (after Bruno Sammartino), the longest-reigning champion of the 1980s, and holds two of the ten longest title runs in WWF/E history, having held the title for 1,474 days from 1984-1988 (the fourth longest reign of all time) and 364 days from 1989 to 1990 (the 9th longest reign of all time).

Hogan won the Royal Rumble in 1990 and 1991, making him the first man to win two consecutive Royal Rumbles.