Hulk Hogan has Surgery to Remove Tack from Mouth

Hulk Hogan is known for his signature moves and iconic shirt tearing at center-ring, but now the Hulk will be known for something far less glamorous, having a tack removed from his mouth after a dentist left it there following oral surgery last fall.

Hulk Hogan recently told the celebrity gossip publication TMZ that back in October he underwent dental surgery in order to get teeth implants.

The doctor performed a sinus graft in which a piece of donor bone is placed in the mouth to support the teeth implants.

Hulk then visited a cosmetic surgeon to begin the implant process. When the cosmetic surgeon removed the mold for the implants in Hulk's mouth, he inadvertently caused around 50 stitches to be ripped out from his mouth which were from the donor bone procedure.

To make matters worse after having that procedure completed he developed a painful infection and went in to have a CT-scan to locate the problem.

The scan showed that a metal tack used in the previous surgery that should have been removed before stitching Hogan back up, had actually been left in his mouth.

Hulk stated that he is already home and recovering. "I have to have a meeting with my lawyers now," Hulk told TMZ. He explained that it is not to sue the doctors, but to settle pending legal issues involving his ex-wife.

In 2005 Hulk Hogan, now 58, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a 12 time World Heavy Weight Champion and WWF/WWE Champion six times.

He was also a WCW Champion six times and once held the WWE Tag Team Championship belt with Edge, who will be inducted into WWE Hall Of Fame this April.