Hulk Hogan Lawsuit: Wrestler Sues Ex-Wife for Homosexual Accusations

The wrestler known as Hulk Hogan has decided to sue his ex-wife, Linda, for slander. He argues that her accusations of domestic violence and homosexuality are completely false.

Hogan’s ex-wife, Linda, has published a memoir entitled “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes.” She claims that Hogan “tore my clothes, threw lamps, and held me down on the bed with his hands around my throat during arguments. I was always afraid he’d kill me…”

Linda also claims that Hogan has been intimate with business and wrestling partner Ed Leslie, better known as “Brutus Beefcake.” The two were friends and began working together in 1977.

His response has been to go on TV and refute Linda’s accusations. He issued a statement saying, “If any of that was true, I would admit it, and [if] I was a homosexual I would embrace it. It’s just so crazy to hear, so I have a real problem with it.”

Linda and Hogan were married in 1983 and have two children, Nick and Brooke. In 2007, Linda announced that she was filing for divorce, citing Hogan’s alleged affair with Brooke’s friend. Hogan published a book, “My Life Outside the Ring” in 2009 and revealed that he had considered suicide after Linda announced the divorce.

He gives credit to “American Gladiators” co-star Laila Ali for saving his life. Hogan began dating Jennifer McDaniel in 2008; the two were engaged in 2009 and married in 2010. They will celebrate their one-year anniversary tomorrow.

Hogan began wrestling in 1977 but didn’t become known until joining the World Wrestling Federation (now Entertainment) in the 1990’s. He had a tumultuous career with the WWE and is currently signed with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wresting.

He recently told “Us Weekly” magazine: “I’ve moved on with my life, things are great again. I know what it’s like to be happy again.”