Human Skeletal Remains at LaGuardia Airport Leads to NYPD Search

Authorities have announced that human skeletal remains have been located near LaGuardia Airport in New York. The Port Authority revealed that the remains were found at the water's edge of Flushing Bay and a search is underway to determine whose remains they are.

The Port Authority reported that maintenance workers came across the remains during routine cleaning of the airport's fence. LaGuardia Airport has been home to several odd events over the years. Perhaps most notoriously are the flocks of geese that routinely flock to the ponds and runway.

New Yorkers were horrified to learn that the geese were rounded up and gassed in an effort to control the population around the area. Yet the gassings have continued on in the interest of public safety, and LaGuardia remains a hotspot for the occasional strange occurrence or disappearance.

Hopefully today's discovery will bring some sense of comfort to a family missing a loved one. Police have already begun reviewing missing persons cases in the hope of making a match and identifying the remains. They have not speculated as to whether the remains belong to a man or woman, adult or child.

One successful missing persons case at LaGuardia was solved in January with the public's help. Isabel Pascual, 86, was reported missing after her son-in-law could not find her. The two had flown in from Miami, but she was nowhere to be located once the plane landed.

She was later found by police who used surveillance tapes to help trace her movements. They later located her and reunited her with her family. She was found in good physical condition, though police did not provide further details.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the New York Police Department with information.