Humphries Mocks Kanye West After $24 Million Deal With Brooklyn Nets

Kris Humphries, estranged husband of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, has taken a verbal jab at his former wife's rapper boyfriend, mocking him with the news that he recently re-signed with the Brooklyn Nets.

Humphries, 27, recently signed a two-year $24 million deal with the Nets, the team he has been playing on for the past two seasons in New Jersey.

However, Kardashian's husband of 72 days made sure to send a subliminal tweet when announcing his new contract offer. "I'm up at Brooklyn," Humphries informed his followers on Twitter. "@SC 'lucky I didn't have Jay drop me from the team.'"

The last part of his tweet stems from 35-year-old West's rap song about the basketball player and Kardashian. In "Way Too Cold" West threatens Humphries position on the Nets, of which his friend and collaborator Jay-Z is the partial owner.

"I admit I fell in love with Kim / Around the same time she fell in love with him / Well that's cool baby girl / Do your thing / Lucky I ain't had Jay drop him from the team," West rapped.

After Humphries re-signed with the Nets and used West's line from his song, fans of the Nets forward reacted.

"I have never l laughed so hard in my life," one fan tweeted.

Another called Humphries tweet a "sneak diss."

One fan of Humphries supported his subliminal tweet by saying, "Kris Humphries is great."

While many thought Humphries tweets were amusing, some questioned if he would make more than his estranged wife.

"So Kris Humphries makes more money than Kardashian now," another person questioned.

Another basketball fan wondered how Humphries would be affected if Kardashian showed up with her new boyfriend at a Nets game where his friend is a partial owner.

"I want to see Kanye and Kim K with floor seats at a Nets' home game," another person tweeted. "Kris Humphries might drop 50 that night."

Despite the controversy between Humphries and West, the basketball player's agent said he was excited to join a team that recently added Joe Johnson to their lineup of Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace and Brook Lopez.

"Kris is really excited to be playing for the new, cool team – the Brooklyn Nets," Humphries' agent Dan Fegan told The Daily News.