New 'Hunger Games' Movie Trailer Released (VIDEO)

"The Hunger Games" has a new, second trailer out, just released by film production company Lionsgate.


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The one-minute trailer gives "Hunger Games" fans who just cannot wait until the film is released a taste of what to look forward to. The short trailer shows new action sceens, including main character Katniss, played by star Jennifer Lawrence, and shares scenes offering viewers a first look at the Capitol and the Mockingjay pin.

The new trailer is set to air on Super Bowl Sunday, but made its way onto the Internet a few days early through Yahoo! Movies.

The film is based off the widely popular title book of the trilogy The Hunger Games. The first trailer for the film debuted on "Good Morning America" in November and received widespread approval from audiences.

The Hunger Games is a young adult science -iction novel written by author Suzanne Collins. The book was first published in 2006 and has sold over 800,000 copies and landed on the New York Times Best Sellers  List 100 times.

Watch "The Hunger Games" trailer below: 

The film includes a slew of popular actors and artists including famous musician Lenny Kravitz, who will be playing the role of Cinna in the film.

"I was offered a lot of films. I just didn't find the roles very interesting- a lot of clichéd type of stuff and really obvious things. I didn't want to make films because I can. There's no point in that," Kravitz told Rolling Stone magazine of his role.

Other famous names contributing to the all-star cast include Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, and Josh Hutcherson.

The soundtrack will feature songs from popular artists including Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire, and The Decemberists.

The much-anticipated film will be released March 23 of this year and the second movie in the trilogy, "Catching Fire," will be released in Nov. 2013.