Wednesday, March 21, 2012
'Hunger Games' Soundtrack Echoes Somber Feel of Book

'Hunger Games' Soundtrack Echoes Somber Feel of Book

"The Hunger Games" fanatics who just can't wait for the movie to come out this weekend can get a head start on the film's soundtrack, which was released at midnight on March 20th.

The new soundtrack is already topping the charts on what some predict will be a $100 million opening film. The soundtrack, which is available on iTunes and Amazon, has a sort of indie or alternative feel mixed in with some better-known artists like Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert.

Although the song produced by Taylor Swift has received its fair criticism over the past month, some fans have said that it doesn't an excellent job of capturing the feel of the book.

"The TS song 'Safe and Sound' captures the essence, if you watch the video that goes along with the song," Anand Nadar wrote on, a livestream radio where the entire soundtrack can be listened to.

Other fans agreed that the entire soundtrack was fitting for the content of the film.

"Having read, and loved, the book, I can say that the songs contained on the "Hunger Games" soundtrack album do seem very appropriate for the content of the film," Sean Farrell wrote. "Given that the majority of characters are poor, 'country' folk and a great deal of the content occurs in rural areas, the decision to utilize a folk-rock sound for this music makes perfect sense.

Jonna Isaac echoed the same thoughts.

"This soundtrack is fantastic. Sounds like the book feels! As a fan of The Secret Sisters, Neko Case, The Decemberists, The Civil Wars and Glen Hansard, I am excited, great tracks from all of them," she wrote on

Other artists on the album include Arcade Fire, Kid Cudi, Maroon 5, and Jayme Dee. The feel that most fans seem to be describing appears to take on a quieter, more somber feel.

"Although, I have to admit, I wasn't thinking about a soundtrack while reading them. I think the somber mood will definitely lend itself to the mood of the film. A mostly great, slightly depressing compilation of songs," Justin McCraw added.


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