Hunger Games Wins Big at MTV Movie Awards 2012; Loses to Twilight for Movie of the Year

The "Hunger Games" took home a bulk of the awards Sunday night during the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, although Harry Potter appeared to put up a decent fight.

"The Hunger Games" on its first box office stint, achieved an impressive $398,274,000 gross sum. Featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth, the book-based trilogy drew massive popularity first through the books, and then through the first film's release.

On Sunday, "Hunger Games" continued to excel. In the categories of Best Male and Female Performance, both "Hunger Game" actors Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence, took home the awards.

The film also won Elizabeth Banks Best on Screen Transformation for her portrayal of Effie, a highly costumed character in the film. Finally "Hunger Games" took home Best Fight between Hutcherson and Alexander Ludwig.

However despite the budding romance between Lawrence, as Katniss, and Hutcherson, as Peeta, "Twilight" still stole Best Kiss for the fourth time in a role.

The Harry Potter team took home the award for Best Cast, for which "Hunger Games" was not nominated.

At the end of the night "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1" took home the cake winning Movie of the Year. However ,despite the fact that the "Hunger Games" failed to win best movie, it still managed to take home the most awards, with four in all. The four way victory is an achievement considering that the Twilight Saga is already on its fourth film.

Some however, were still surprised and dismayed that Twilight had beat out the "Hunger Games" to movie of the year.

"I wish this was all a dream and Twilight didn't just beat Harry Potter and Hunger Games," Tumblr posted on Twitter.

"Holy upsets batman! All the money was predicting a Hunger Games upset. Way to rock the vote TwiHards!" Twillight Lexicon added.

Others charged that the loss was a conspiracy.

"If Russell Brand has been promoting the Hunger Games and Twilight ALL NIGHT, how did they just HAPPEN to win all the awards?Conspiracy, man," Petrificus Totalus tweeted.