Hustler Truck in San Francisco Puts Strippers on Street

A new "stripper truck" which was seen cruising near a library and elementary school in San Francisco, has outraged many residents in the city, with some referring to the truck as "porn on wheels."

The "stripper" truck is donned with nearly nude women on the outside rim and a large window at the center which reveals a stripper pole on the inside center. The truck is owned by Hustler, a popular strip club, and promotes business by revealing women pole dancing while the truck drives down the block.

"If you look inside there's a pole so some women can dance around it, as this thing drives around the street," City Supervisor Eric Mar said.

Mar has faced many complaints, several from parents who are concerned that their children will see the truck along with its explicit images.

"It's right by a library and an elementary school," a flustered Mar told the Daily News. "You can see it from a mile away."

Mar reports that the general consensus agrees that the truck has no place on the streets.

"There's a general feeling from people that these kinds of vehicles, with large photographs of scantily clad women, shouldn't be there."

Truck and strip club owner Larry Flynt however, has a record of fighting for his First Amendment rights. In addition to owning Hustler clubs Flynt also owns Hustler Magazine, a publication that often causes such uproar that some consider rival pornography magazine Playboy as classy next to it.

White supremacist and serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin once attempted to assassinate Flynt based on his intermixing of races within his magazine. The shooting incident left Flynt permanently paralyzed from the waist down and glued to a wheel chair.

Many expressed outrage over the truck, stating that it was a violation of their own rights due to its unavoidable location.

"You can choose to view the parade or choose not to. You can choose to go to a strip club or choose not to. The people in the area where this vehicle is being illegally parked don't have a choice," HangLow wrote on the Daily News blog.

"If people want to go to the club and look at filth that's on them but to put this disgusting show on the road makes me wonder, what's going on with our country! Totally disgusting!" Josie912 added.